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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introduction of me

Hi, my name is Park So Hyun and I'm first grade in Junghwa middle school.
I'm from Daegu, and I think that Daegu is very special city, because in August, they celebrated LAAF championships, and I went there too. It was so interesting.
My hobby is go swimming, because I want to play in water. So, my favorite athlete is Park-Tae-Hwan, since he is good at swimming, and he did his best to achieve his dream.
I want to achieve my dream like Park-Tae-Hwan.
And then, my dream is a math professor in Yale university. Because, I felt exciting when I solve difficult math problem or puzzle, and when I did my best, I could get a great score. So, I think math is very honest to me.
Thank you for reading my introduction.

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