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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Help apologize to Lieju

Mr.Dean need help.. 

Dear Lieju..

 Hi, my name is Mr.Dean.
I'm sorry for you, because I was teased you so much, and you got pain from that.
Last day, I teased you because I want to play with someone, but anyone played with me..
So, I want to speak and play with someone, but I couldn't express my emotion, so, I was teased you so much, then I will apologize you. I want to play with you, but I couldn't, and give you just pain...

 But, please know I like you, I never hate you, just I did that for joke. I'm sorry again, and I will apologize you. Now, I will promise something to you. From now on, I will not tease you anymore, I will express my emotion well, nothing like that time. In addition, I want to be a friend with you, please be a friend with me. I want to hang out great time with you.. I will amend my defect, and I will be kind to you.

 Please get my apologized.. Thank you for reading my letter.

1 comment:

  1. hello so-hyunㅋㅋ
    Nice to meet you here
    I think your writing is good:)