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Monday, January 9, 2012


How complaint.. See here...

Hi, everyone. Today, I will write about complaint to my roommate.. 
On January 2nd 2011, our room got yellow card, because one of my roommates forgot to turn off lights.. 
Unfortunately, our PA saw that, and she gave us yellow card.. 
But, we don't know who is it.... 

To. *** in room 909
Hi, dear my friend. I really want to hit you, but I don't know who is it..
Who are you, guy?
By the way, please turn off our room light..
Because of you, all of 6 roommates got yellow card..
If we got lots of yellow cards, we can't get any prize in the closing ceremony..
It will be terrible results to everyone..
I want to say the solution of it, there is no obvious and clear solution for it, but we can cooperate with each other, and if we help each other, we might be decrease our yellow card..

Thank you.. And remember, I love you all of my roommates...^^

1 comment:

  1. Don't be too pugnacious; she would realize her fault and take care of that problem.