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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Park Ji-Sung's returning

 Hi, everyone. My name is So Hyun, Park..
Today, I will talk about Park Ji Sung's returning...
Park Ji-Sung is the popular person in Korea.. Guys, do you know who is Park Ji-Sung?
Maybe I think all of you guys know him, because he is really famous and popular...

 The country's best known footballer Park Ji-Sung is in the news.. He is playing in the Manchester United, the world's top football club. His fans are now caling on the versatile player to make a return to much troubled national team.

 According to Lee, the first condition is the team must want his returning, and the another one is that fans must welcome him. The last, but most significant condition, he told, is Park Ji Sung's wish..The comment came while Lee was meeting the local press for the first time since he signed with Vancouver Whitecapes FC.

 Lee was also a starting player for the national team befpre retiring from international games..
Asked about the possibility of his returning.. "No, because I'm a player of early 2000s, but Park is different. He is the 2010s player."

 Park, who retired from the national team in order to focus on his club duty, which looks like peak..
He scored on Monday his second goal of the season..

 There is no belive that Park is in terrible shape now and his inclusion willbe a big help for Korea, which is hoping to make it to eight consecutive World Cups. But, say the former international team captain must concentrate on having a giid career with Manchester United .

 Park who has a history of knee injuriest, admitted that long travels to and from the national team. Meanwhile, the Korean national team is still in turmoil over the sacking of manager Cho Kwang-rae,

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